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A clown decides he's bored of his odd circus life and searches for something fun to do... and ends up dragging another clown with him.

This is only the beginning of some wacky adventure.

You can press the arrow keys the keyboard to move forward and backward in the comic. (And in the menu you can press the space button to start reading) 

This is an audition comic made for the Original Character Tournament (OCT), Cascade Cabaret: EnCCore. Originally I was just gonna leave this on deviantART, but recently I've been having concerns the site was going to continuously break the swf file as it already broke it before.

I figured itch.io would be the best place to host in case the dA version decided to suddenly die..... again.  (Also considering that I will be posting the continuation of this here as well, it would make sense to have it all in one place)

If you wanna read more auditions (Please do there's a LOT of interesting stories being started here), learn more about the characters, the oct, and much more:

Read the Other Auditions  * The OCT  * My dA  * dA Version of the Comic

Dear is owned by yarnwitchMolly is owned by KarmaLarma, Canary/Other is owned by Ixtaek  , and Shears is owned by CornOfTheBreads

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